Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today is May 5th

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!! I told you I was not sure how to do a blog. Seems like days pass without entering here. I spend alot of time on my Facebook which I play mafia wars on too much.
My grades have been OK I have an A in one so far and a B in the other. Gotta work on that one with the B .
My husband is scheduled for surgery on May 27 for his injuries. He has never had surgery before he is almost 45. Was injured at work, was on light duty, but they laid him off in March. Nice company let me tell you....
My son made honor roll in his school which I am so proud of him!!!
Our daughter fiancee is in a band we went and saw them in Haverhill Mass. They are awesome you should check out there my space. They are ROCK thru and thru .
You can hear them at www.myspace.com/brikked . Let me know what you think.

And if you want AVON products , I am just a click away www.youravon.com/scaron

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