Monday, May 18, 2009

Starting week 8 in my classes

Who thought that going back to school at 40 would be easy? I think that would be me, and boy was I wrong.. I am doing good in my classes but it has been quite the experience. My final projects are due May 31, then I have two new classes. I am learning alot it is true but I think I overthink things and overwhelm myself too much for doing so.

My son went to his first dance on Friday. He had fun, got all dressed up gelled his hair filed his fingernails. It was cute watching him get all prepped for his dance. He is getting grown so fast. Where did my little baby go?

We are painting our place. We have the kitchen finished now it is off to paint the other parts of the place.
We painted our basement in February or so and set up the pool table hung pictures and mirrors. It has a sort of Sopranos theme to it. We know that the Sopranos are all over but we still love watching the shows over and over again.

I colored my hair finally last night. The greys are gone for a few weeks and I can start looking my age instead of 55+. It looks good I think . Since I couldnt remember what my hair color was before the grey I guessed. I been dealing with grey hairs since about 9 or 10 years old. What a wonderful trait my mothers side of the family gave me. Early greying. Which I lovingly passed on to my daughter who has been having grey hairs since 8 or 9. This trait keeps up my great-great-great-grandchildren will have grey hair at birth. (OK add a few more greats to that)

This week will be busy for me . Tonight I have an Avon meeting and I am looking forward to that. Husband has PT today and then a Dr appt on Thursday . He goes in for the surgery next wednesday. He is not looking forward to that but it needs to get done and over with. It has been almost 9 months.

I been playing alot of catch with my son lately. I forget how well I can throw a baseball. It has been quite awhile since doing that. Having 4 brothers and no sisters what choice did I have?Either play all alone with my dolls ( that was boring) or learn to play sports stuff with them.

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