Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OK today is the actual day I can promote that Campaign 7 that I posted yesterday. These pictured are some GREAT deals.
First Imari . This scent is loved by young and old a like You get all 4 for $10.00 . Normally just the fragrance spray alone is $22.50. That is a major stock up price!

I was talking about Signature yesterday . This is also a deal pack. You get the roll on , the after shave conditioner and the Eau de Toilette for $20.00. The cologne alone sells for $19.50!

Most people think I talk about Avon so much is because I sell it. I sell Avon because I enjoy their products. I became a representative for two reasons.
First is I buy Avon. I have been using the products for a very long time ( almost 30 years) My mom bought it and so did a lot of her sisters and friends. Because it is affordable and the quality of the products are hard to match up with.
Second is because at first I couldn't find a rep in my area and I was tired of traveling 26 miles to someone else and I wanted to keep enjoying Avon products. My daughter saw a lady that told her how to be an Avon rep but she wasn't old enough to be one at the time, so I thought well here is a way to save me a lot in gas I will just sell to my self and my family close by. I had a full time job then . Since the place I worked at closed I decided to put more effort in finding a few customers that will be interested in buying Avon. Or maybe some that would like to sell it themselves for the same reason I started.

Now I talk about what Avon products I use and love & what my customers love to anybody that asks. I don't knock on doors like I have said before. Those days are gone in my mind. I respect people for their privacy & values. I drop off a brochure at their mailbox . If they are interested I explain how they can contact me. Either by email or telephone. People have very scheduled lives , they are busy all the time. I know that most that do find a few hours of leisure time in their lives, do not want someone bothering them with sales.

The other thing is that I do is If a product has bad reviews from me or others that have bought from me I feel I have to tell them.

Well I thank you for reading and I will post again soon

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  1. This site completely violates the terms and agreement AVON Independent Sales Representatives signs upon becoming a rep. One's AVON account can be terminated for such activity.