Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me.My Family & Avon

Well this is my first attempt to blog. I have never really thought of doing it before but I figured "why not"
This section that your looking at right now is my little space of the cyberworld. As the title says it will be about me my family and Avon.

First the ME part.
I am Sheila I live in NH, the Northeast part of the US where it snows lot in the winter. When I get more comfortable about blogging I will get into more details I am an Avon Independant Sales Representative. I really love Avon Products I been selling since April 30 2007. I sold once before back in 1997. As of 9-15-08 I have been unemployed, the video store I worked at closed in a little town close by. So I been TRYING to find a job but I havent had any luck. So I put all my effort into selling Avon.

Second the family part.
I have been married since June 1985. Together we have had 4 children, ages 23,21,18 & 11. 3 boys and 1 girl .The oldest 3 already moved away. I love my children unconditionally. Life has had its ups and downs but that is the way life works.

Lastly the AVON part
As I said before I sell Avon Products. At this point in my life it is what I put all my effort into . My husband supports my intentions . I love their products I own ALOT of them that I personally tried , and I have tried most of them. I enjoy giving my personal feedback to anyone ever seeking information about the products. If I havent tried something I will ask someone that has. ( Actually I ask everyone , just so I know they are happy with there items) I am an e-representative ( I have an actual website store, if your interested in looking at it, check it out. It is at if your not thats ok too.) and I am an Avon beauty advisor as well .

My focus right now is gain customers, earn their trust and respect. Right now the economy is hard on everyone from CEOs to busboys. I never push sales on anyone,for that reason. I dont push sales to begin with. I dont like it when people are in my face telling me to "buy buy buy " and I am sure most people dont appreciate it either. I am not a trained sales person. I am a jeans and teeshirt and sneakers type person. I have heard the the old commerical about avonladies. Lets face it Avon has been around for over 120 years.

Things are different then back when Avon started. Now avon is on the worldwide web. And people can buy right from the privacy of their homes, in their PJs at 4 in the morning and have it delivered to their door by UPS if they choose. I know life is busy, people are are the go all the time. They just about pencil in their sleep time. Every minute of every day is a schedule. I fully respect that. So I dont knock on doors or ring doorbells. I leave my brochures at their mailboxes or at the door. So they can look at it at their leisure, if they are interested in a product great, I am a phone call or email away. I can answer questions they may have or take their order. When they choose a representative delivery I send out an email asking them to contact me for a convenient delivery time. I dont know peoples schedule only they do. I try to work my schedule around the best time for them as best as I can.

Well that is it for my first post on my first blog. I hope anyone that reads it ( if anyone reads it ) has a great day. It is currently 15 degrees where I am at the time of this post

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  1. Great post! I wish you lots of luck with everything.