Monday, March 9, 2009

Brochures that you can order from

I didn't think of putting brochures on here since I wasn't sure exactly how and didn't want to look like a complete idiot. But I did it. And I just realized that when you click on the picture you can browse ALL flyers and mini mags that go along with that campaign. I will learn quickly I TOLD you I didn't know exactly what I was doing.. Now you have an example.

THIS one is the newest available one to start picking from. This one is good until March 23 from my area anyway. Officially I cant take an order from this one until tomorrow. So think of it as a sneak peek. ( Plus I just found out how to put it on here I have NO CLUE how to remove it once it is here)

I was able to test try the Anew Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum. And it works fabulously!! Not so fine lines disappearing is always a good thing. You would think it was too pricey but it really isn't. You don't need a lot to cover your face just 2 pushes on the pump is enough. Dispensed amount is only a little smaller then a pea so this will last a while. Plus the ingredients in this serum that you apply on your skin ( but this has 3X more formula in it) is the same ingredients that a dermatologist will INJECT in your skin . And better yet no doctors visit ( and no needles)
Here is a commercial for it.

Click brochure to browse

I love the deals in this one as well . This one is good until March 10

My favorite item in this brochure is Signature for men.. That soft scents of fruits and woods it is such a sexy scent. And the bundle offers , I love bundle offers I stock up on my favorite that way. Plus it has trial size offers on Anew skin care products..

Men and women alike should always take care of their skin. Think of this when you lose your teeth those you get replaced with false ones. A persons skin cant be replaced why not take care of it. I love the sun but it really don't love me that much . I looked older then I was before I knew it. Now I use Anew Ultimate Elixir and Anew Ultimate Day and Night Creams after I cleanse my face. But each person has their own skin thing going on. My daily regimen may not be the same as yours. Want to know how to find your own way of taking care of your skin? Register at my website, (there is NO obligation what so ever to purchase a single solitary thing. ) click on Anew and take the Anew Skin Care Quiz. That will help you understand what products are best of you and your skin care concerns. If you have further questions relating to Avon you could always email me. My contact information is a click away on that site. Look at the top you will see contact me.

Click brochure to browse

Mark products is like an AVON boutique. The rebel rose is FANTASTIC!!! This book keeps up with all the current trends in the marketplace. And the prices are very easy on the wallet.

Click to browse

I really enjoy Avon products I been using them for a long time.

The winter is still not over yet.. Despite the fact that is was 60 degrees all weekend, then surprise it is snowing today. No it really wasnt a surprise but for those of us, who live in the northeast are used to it. Hope you all enjoy your day .

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